Reduced Rate Bank Statement Loans- Best Rates in the industry

Take advantage of our Rate reductions and get the best bank statement rate for your borrower. 

We Preapprove your borrower/income and Close in less than 21 days! 

Pricing for Loans up to $3M

4.000%: LTV ≤ 60 and FICO ≥ 740 (Loan amounts $500K-1M)

4.125%: LTV ≤ 60 and FICO ≥ 740 (Loan amounts over $1M-$3M)

4.125% to 4.75%: LTV ≤ 60.01-70 and FICO ≥ 700 (Loans to $3M)

4.500% to 5.125%: LTV > 70.01-80 and FICO≥ 700 (Loans to $3M)

5.249% to 5.875%: LTV > 80.01-90 and FICO ≥ 740 (Loans to $3M) 

*5/1 ARM or 30 Year Fixed at the same Rate/Price

*Closing in less than 21 days

*Interest Only available
*Income qualification: 12 months personal or business statements. 50 max DTI.

*APR’s vary based on loan size – call for quote 

**Submit a Prequalification request and we will pre-underwrite your bank statement income for you in 24-48 hours and issue you a PreQualification letter.

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